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Each commercial invoice should include the following information:

  1. The port of entry where merchandise is to be shipped.
  2. The date of purchase and the address of the purchaser and/or consignee if consignee is different from purchaser.
  3. A detailed description of the merchandise including the name of each item, quantity and marks/numbers on each item. The marks and number of packages should also be noted.
  4. The weight and measure, either in metrics or U.S. system of measurement.
  5. The price of each item in the currency of purchase. This should be a fair market value.
  6. Type of currency used in transaction.
  7. All additional charges such as commission, insurance, freight and packing should be shown.
  8. All discounts, itemized separately, that have been granted by the shipper.
  9. The invoice should be in English, or an English translation must be provided by the consignee.
  10. Invoice should be signed by either the shipper or his agent.
  11. Country of origin must be on the invoice.


A packing list should state in adequate detail the contents of each package. A packing list is essential when a shipment consists of more than one package.

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